for the host

+ Where is ART BOX currently able to host sessions?

We are currently able to host ART BOX sessions in Manhattan, NY and in Brooklyn as far east as Williamsburg and south as Park Slope. We also have some capabilities Long Island and Hoboken. We hope to expanding to more locations soon!

+ How do I know how many people to invite to my paint party based on my apartment or home?

A good rule of thumb to go by is how many table seats you have. For example, if your dinner table seats 4, 4 guests could comfortably participate in your paint party. Bar seating and sitting around a coffee table also works and provides a more relaxed environment.

+ What do I need to know if I'm hosting the event?

We will arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time to set-up and need about 20 minutes after the event for clean up. Please clear off the tables where you would like for ART BOX to set up easels as it will speedy up the set-up process!

+ Should I be worried about my luxurious carpet?

Despite being rare, accidents sometimes do happen--but it's really no less likely than say, spilling a glass of wine either. :)

+ What supplies will ART BOX bring?

We will bring plastic tablecloths to protect your furniture and all the necessary painting equipment including paint, brushes, easels, canvases for each painter, etc.)

+ Can some of my friends come if they don't want to paint?

Sure! They are free to watch, though we will only bring enough supplies for the registered party number, so be sure to register them if they want to participate!

+ What happens to my $50 deposit?

The deposit will go towards the booker's payment. We'll charge painters at the end of the event based on our pricing chart and the number of painters that attended the event, with the event booker receiving $50 off their payment price.

+ Do I need an exact headcount when booking?

An accurate count is preferable, and you can update your guest count up to 48 hours before the event using the link in your confirmation email. We offer some flexibility in terms of head-count by charging painters at the end of the event based on our pricing chart and the number of painters that attended the event.

Please note that we will charge based on how many painters actually attend the event.

+ What if I can no longer host the party and need to reschedule or cancel the reservation?

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so up 48 hours in advance. Unfortunately, for changes or cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled event, we are not able to refund your deposit.

+ What else do I need to know if I am hosting?

Feel free to put on your favorite background music--otherwise, just sit back and relax with your friends!

for the party guests

+ How long is a typical event?

Events generally last from 2.5-3 hours.

+ Is food and drink provided?

ARTBOX does not provide food and drink, but we definitely encourage party members to bring snacks and drinks that will help unleash your creativity!

+ How do we choose a painting?

There are many ways to choose a painting when you book a session:

  • Choose from the recommendations featured in the THIS SEASON page of our website
  • Request a specific painting when you sign up (e.g. Monet's Water Lilies) and our artist will reach out with confirmation
  • Artist's Choice: You provide a suggestion and the artist will creatively interpret your request (e.g. New York Graffiti, sunset beach scenes)

+ What should I wear?

Anything that you don't mind getting paint on. We'll provide aprons at the event, but we don't want you to accidentally spill paint on your favorite clothes!

+ What if I'm running late?

If you are running late, you will have to catch up to the rest of the party, although the instructor may be able to assist you during the break. For the optimal experience, we encourage you to arrive a little early to get settled in and prepared.

+ Do your artists accept tips?

While tipping is by no means necessary, tips are greatly appreciated if you feel that you have received exceptional service.

+ What if I can no longer participate in the party?

No worries--the remaining guests will be charged at the end of the event based on the number of painters and our pricing chart.