art box

ART BOX was built with a simple mission - get friends together and help them relax with good company and a splash of creativity. 


Both Kevin and Shirley, founders of ART BOX, loved New York's vibrant social scene, but they noticed that meeting friends usually meant going out. After hearing a lot of New Yorkers wanted a change of pace every once in awhile - they started creating a social and trendy alternative to the traditional "staying in" and "going out". 

So one afternoon, they brought together classic elements of New York house parties - BYOB drinks and snacks, friends and friends of friends, added blank canvases and paints to the mix, and told everyone to get creative. The vibe that day - fun, cozy, chatty, and intimate, was packaged into ART BOX. And since then, ART BOX has developed into a personal, stay-at-home, instructor guided painting party that lets everyone have fun with friends while enjoying the luxury of staying in.