ART BOX was founded with a simple mission - get friends together and help them relax with good company and a splash of creativity. 


Before ART BOX, we always headed out when getting together with friends. Coffee shops, shows, bars & dance floors. A hip new restaurant. But NYC's social scene also came with long lines, backed up trains, "Where are you?" texts, and shuffling through endless crowds. While we love our city, sometimes we wanted something simpler and more relaxed.

So one afternoon, we brought together classic elements of New York house parties - BYOB drinks and snacks, friends and friends of friends, added blank canvases and paints to the mix, and told everyone to get creative. The vibe that afternoon - fun, cozy, chatty, and intimate, was packaged into ART BOX. ART BOX is a personal, stay-at-home, instructor guided painting party that lets you spend time with friends while enjoying the luxury of staying in. 

Inspired to share this atmosphere and experience, we built ART BOX from the ground up and have expanded delivery to all of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Photo-stories of New Yorkers who have loved ART BOX can be seen here. So now that you know, call up your friends and join us, won't you?